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Our Series 2 Hong Baos are the second series of Limited Edition Collectibles, while stocks last! 

Themed around the Zodiac animals, this series presents the Zodiac animals in a whimsical fashion, hand painted with a festive twist. Each Hong Bao is printed on quality textured paper with beautiful hot stamp finishings to bring the animal to life. Each set is packed in a sleeve quaintly designed to go with the Zodiac animal of that year. 

The kickoff for this series began after a one-year hiatus to reflect on Series 1’s Hong Bao creation marathon. We wanted Series 2 to be totally different from Series 1. By a stroke of coincidence, we were introduced to local artist William Sim in 2020, who is well known for his classic “steam punk” style artworks. It was such a perfect timing and an honour to meet him. He happily took on the project in our first meeting and painted the 12 Zodiac animals. That anchored us on the journey to complete Hong Bao Series 2!