Our Journey

Welcome to PinYin family! We are so happy you found us!
Thank you for letting us share our crafts of joy with you! 

The seeds for PinYin’s inception had been planted way back in 1980, when Mr Ang, the first generation owner of Pin Press, started giving calendars to valued clients as a modest expression of appreciation. Those calendars were run-of-the-mill with scenery or bikini-clad models fronting the pages, hot-stamped with Pin Press logo. In 1993, Ang Shen, the second generation and current owner, joined the company. In 1997, four years after gathering experience in the trade, she began wondering if we could design and print our own calendars.

This tiny wonder became an aspiration to create a calendar that is creative and functional with a designer’s touch. That same year, the company’s first designer style calendar was born.

With a sincere intention to express gratitude in an authentic way, the team embarked on the journey of unique creations with a personalised touch, warmly welcomed by ardent fans today! Inspired by the passion for creation and deep appreciation of artistry and craftmanship, PinYin continues to morph with changing times while staying rooted in the business of connecting people through printing and a warm heart. A quality brand of Pin Press, PinYin Paper Products is now a mark of authentic crafts with a heart.

We did not think we would come this far with just a simple passion for creation and an open mind to understand. But your nudges, suggestions and support kept us rolling on. Thank you and let’s journey on together!


Ang Shen joined the company and became the second generation owner of Pin Press Pte Ltd


“Why don’t we start printing our own calendars for our clients? It is a more sincere way to express our appreciation for their support over the years”, Ang Shen wondered. And our first calendar with a designer’s touch was born!


In place of the calendar, the team decided to gift a journal. ”Every Day Is A Good Day 每日心晴“ became our first calendar journal with calendar grids, blank pages for scribbles and joyful one-liner reminders on random, such as “Alone yet not Lonely”, “I am happy with whatever I do and not do”.


The inspiration for our onward Hong Bao creation journey began here with this classy piece of Rooster Hong Bao given to us by our vendor.  It stood out amongst the regular red Hong Baos then.


Our first Hong Bao was born bearing cute pig motifs, the pair of lover pigs and their piglet family on a huge mandarin orange. Our clients and contacts loved them and asked if we can create a series of 12? And the Hong Bao Series 1 creation marathon began!


We were churning calendars and Hong Baos fervently when our then designer intuitively created PinYin logo. It was a quiet initiative which has now become a mark of quality and character for our creations!

Ox Hong Bao was the first Hong Bao to be sold through our network of friends. We had been gifting them until our logo was created. Featuring a pair of parent Oxen clad in silver hot-stamp and their family of six calves, this Hong Bao was featured in Zaobao when it was launched and was also the first to carry our PinYin logo.


We had been gifting hampers and they usually end up in the pantry, never reaching the intended recipients. 2010 was the year of the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac cycle and we decided to create a personalised Tiger gift pack to reach out to them. And our first Gift Pack was born!


After a 12-year Hong Bao crafting marathon, Series 1 was completed! We took a one-year hiatus to reflect on this endeavour and ponder over the idea of embarking on Series 2.


One day, an ardent supporter said “Your calendars are so unique and presentable, why don’t you consider selling them?” We took his suggestion to heart and “for love of life & food 2019” was officially made available for sales! This labour of love is an archive of local dishes that reminds us of our loved ones. We also began to offer printing of personalised sender, recipient names and greetings with this calendar as a value-added service for our connections.


We were introduced to local artist, William Sim. Much like the “Merchant of Happiness”, a pseudonym that he goes by, he happily agreed to be the artist for Hong Bao Series 2. With his 12 whimsical Zodiac animal paintings on hand, we took off on our adventure to complete Series 2!


Armed with experience from our first Tiger Gift Pack in 2010 and Hong Bao Series creation, with encouragement from our clients and friends, we decided to start selling our Gift Pack. Tiger Fortune Gift Pack became our first gift pack for sales!


In June 2023, PinYin Paper Products (PYPP) became Pin Press’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) brand! ​

​With a renewed purpose, PYPP logo was refreshed to express Warmth, Originality and Authenticity. In short W-O-A!


Long Time No See (LTNS) Charity Campaign 2024 was our first CSR endeavor! 

Sales of every item from the campaign includes a donation to Act of Kindness (AOK),

to support them in alleviating the burden of vulnerable individuals grappling with hoarding and similar conditions, and restore their hope.

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