Joy Series Limited Edition Bullet Journal Bundle Pack


A joyful collaboration with Jun Le who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. Since 2019, he has been practicing writing daily by transcribing “The Heart Sutra”. This practice led to an unexpected creation of a simple and unique font :  “JunLe Font”. Together with a pair of enthusiastic parents, Bob Lee and Hwee Hwee, this limited edition bullet journal features JunLe font with 120gsm dot grid premium paper in rustic exposed thread sewn binding.

  1. “Finding Joy in the Rain” is an expression of Bob and Hwee Hwee’s attitude in the face of the family’s challenges ahead.
  2. “Joy in the Moment” is an expression of Jun Le’s simple happiness and a reminder to choose joy in every moment.

Mix and match from above design for bundle pack of 2 copies at $30 (Usual $32)

Read more about Jun Le’s everyday life on IG @junlefont

  • Featuring Jun Le’s unique calligraphic fonts in a handy size for easy journaling on the go.
  • Dotted pages on premium uncoated paper with 5mm distance between dots – ideal for bullet journaling.
  • Finished with secure, rustic exposed thread sewn binding that opens flat all the time!
  • Designed and crafted in Singapore.
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